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Much of my career has been spent doing storyboards for studios like Nickelodeon, Disney TV, Paramount, and Warner Bros! I would still be happy to storyboard on a show that matches my sensibilities and would value my input!

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Ground Keith & Miss Citrus: Dork Fried Rice

A full length animatic for a Ground Keith & Miss Citrus cartoon! With our pals Spookycube and Sluggi too!

Animaniacs: Be Like Me

A song sequence I storyboarded for the Animaniacs (2020) episode, Anima-Nyet. Parts of this use Nicolette Wood's thumbnails.

Caffeine & Punki: Hungarian Mahogany

A little proof-of-concept I storyboarded to see how my friends sound as these characters!

Mighty Magiswords Lost Episode: Ground Mouths

This was meant to be the first of the 5-minute "Choose Your Magisword" shorts, but the network wanted to go in another direction. It's still one of my favorite boards I've ever done, so you can enjoy it here!

Mighty Magiswords: A Brassy Ensemble

A preliminary test to see how Mighty Magiswords might work as more of an ensemble comedy, storyboarded by me.

The Snoopy Show

I am not at liberty to post the storyboards I did for The Snoopy Show, but the episodes mostly stay just as I boarded them and you can see them on Apple+! The episodes I storyboarded for Camp Snoopy should be out next year. I LOVED working on this show! 

snoopy_show_episodes copy.jpg
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